Women’s Match Race Series 2014

Henry kyselee naiskippareita ja miehistön jäseniä women’s match race series 2014 listalla. Ohessa linkki jota kautta voi lähettää tietonsa maaliskuun loppuun mennessä.


***** Hi, I’am writing to you on behalf of the organizers for the Women’s Match Race Series 2014. The series was launched the first time last year and has been very successful. Enclosed a description of the event dates and places. The organizers are trying to get in touch with as many women match racers as possible, both skippers and crew and are therefore gathering their contact information to be able to teach out to them. There is also nice amounts of price money involved. Beneath a description of the events and the letter from Henri Menin one of the organizers Women’s MR Series(WIM) that I have been involved in was a huge success last year, and looks to be as good, if not better, this year. Anyway, we are looking to contact as many of the women match racers in the world (skippers and crews also) as possible to let them know what our schedule will be and to encourage them to participate in the Series. So, if you could please take a moment to make a list of any women who have been match racing in your part of the world (crews as well as skippers, please), along with their contact numbers (emails, preferably), we would be exremely grateful. Please think not only of the Finnish women sailors, but those that mat be in Estonia, Latvia, etc. We are trying to encourage new teams to join the action. Some may feel that they are not yet ready for match racing at this level, but the fact of the matter is that with some of the more established elite teams now involved in different Olympic disciplines, there is plenty of room for the newcomers. We were very pleasantly surprised last year at the level of competition of newcomers last year. If you would like to make some of the contacts yourself and to encourage them to join the Series, we would love that. If you do, we would just like to know who you have contacted and what their response has been. The individual events are quite eager to know who might be interested in competing. The schedule of events (not yet public, but will be shortly) is as follows: – 3 – 8 June – 2014 ISAF Women’s Match Racing World Championship – Cork, Ireland – 24 – 27 July – 2014 Morbihan Women’s Match Race – Vannes, France – 5 – 9 August – Lysekil Women’s Match – Lysekil, Sweden – 23 – 28 September – Sheboygan Women’s Match Racing Invitational – Sheboygan, USA – 11 -16 October – Busan Cup International Women’s Match Race – Busan, South Korea

There is at least US$10,000 prize money at each event, plus a prize pool of US$50,000 divided among the top 3 in the Series at the end. Lysekil usually has US$50,000 in prize money and Korea has US$100,000!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Very best regards, Henry